Getting Started

New to Livesheets?

This is how you get started.

Once you’ve entered your username and password, this is what you’ll see

The first thing you should do is double-click in some empty space, and you’ll create a node

You can type a calculation straight into the box and it will show you the answer.

Try 12*35

You can double click in empty space to make as many nodes as you like.

If you select a node or hover your mouse over it, you’ll see a little blob at the bottom.

You can use this to create new nodes or connect existing nodes together.

Try grabbing the blob and dropping it in some empty space…

and when you drop it, you’ll get a new node, which you can use in your calculation. You’ll see it refers to the original node by its name (A, in this case).

Try adding 5 to A and you’ll see how this works (write ‘+ 5’ in the box, after the A)

You can also make a connection by starting to type a name into a box. It will pop up, and you can select it from the list.

Try this out – go to box B and try typing +A at the end. Then use the mouse to select it.

Livesheets will automatically connect it up

Finally – those names? You can change them to whatever you want.

Just double-click over the name

You’ll be able to change it to something more useful

and it will update itself wherever you’ve used it

Good luck. Have fun. Ask if you have trouble:

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