What’s Next For Livesheets (part 3) – Why Supernode?

When we first started working on this project we spent ages trying to decide on a name. We tried hundreds of ideas.

When we eventually settled on Livesheets, we found it did the job, but it never seemed to have the electricity about it that the concept deserves.

The name Livesheets clearly suggested being alive, implying its connectivity, and also alluded to spreadsheets. But this was perhaps its critical flaw. Of all the characteristics of spreadsheets that we wanted to ape, the sheet was not one of them. We’ve been named after main feature we won’t have.

So, with the move to non-profit it was time to find a new name.

I always felt the name needed to reflect the noun we used for the nodes. We jumped through wild hoops trying to conceive new and fantastical names for these objects; these blobs. But through all that, I never seriously considered using the word ‘node’: I thought it was technical and would be off-putting.

But it turned out that wasn’t true. When I started asking people, it transpired that virtually everyone has at least a vague intuition for what it means. Not in it’s narrow, technical, network theory sense, but in its broader english language sense. People know the word. And if I show people a picture of one, well, there’s no other word for it. It’s a node.

Everything we are doing is based on nodes; visualisations, data, functions: they’re all nodes. Even groups of nodes are nodes. And this is the key. Nodes can be grouped into bigger nodes. And those in turn make still bigger nodes. And bigger. And bigger. We’re simply made of nodes.

But all these nodes; yours, mine and everyone elses, they sit within one huge universal node. The universe of nodes. This is what makes the system so hugely connectable. And what do we call this one huge node? Well, it’s a supernode. Clearly.

This is what we are trying to create. What other name could we choose?

So welcome to the Supernode.

We’re gradually moving our activity to the new non-profit foundation. It’s going to take a little while, but it is underway. And when we finish the rebuild we’ll be launching it there, not here. So follow us. Watch what’s going on. Sign up to the newsletter. And please help us if you can. We need it. Over at thesupernode.org

Daniel Maxwell

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