What Next For Livesheets? (Part 1)

A big change to Livesheets and the way it is being run: I’ve decided to make it a non-profit company.

Technically, I have started a new non-profit company and will be handing over the software and work we’ve done to the new company to continue to develop and run it.

The new company is going to run the software under the name Supernode.

We have been in the process of rebuilding the software for some time, and it’s still a little way from being finished, so until that happens, Livesheets will continue to run from here, and I’ll be continuing to build and add models to the gallery.

While we rebuild though, the new non-profit company is getting started. It is called, formally, the Supernode Foundation, and will reside at http://thesupernode.org.

At the time of writing, the site for the new company is live but unfinished (none of the links work, but you can see the front page, at least). We’ll be finishing it over the next few days.

I feel that non-profit is the way it should have been from the beginning. It’s a positive move, it matches exactly my motivation for building this, and I hope reassures users that at the core of this is a service that is free and open and always will be.

I’ll be writing more about my reasons for doing this in a separate blog post.

Dan Maxwell

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